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About Trackjack™
Trackjack™ is a database-driven, information-sharing network that tracks table conditions (variations in blackjack rules and procedures), user comments, news items and more! It's organized by casino and accessible through simple regional navigation or various custom-built search engines.
The Trackjack™ system allows players and RGE reporters to share the information required to plan a trip that is profitable and safe for professional players, or that maximizes the entertainment and comp value of the blackjack enthusiasts’ play.

Table Conditions are reported, stored and displayed using a unique method that allows games to be described in unprecedented detail. Conditions are monitored and updated through a combination of reports from the RGE Reporter Network and community peer review.

Each report includes an estimated Player Expectation, the percentage of each bet the player would expect to lose or gain over the long-term when using the appropriate basic strategy. This important statistic is a powerful consumer tool for choosing where to stay and play.

The Trackjack™ Conditions Search Engine is a powerful, advanced database query tool that can search, group and sort results with an amazing array of options. Players can search for any combination of rules from common to obscure. Results can be grouped into categories such as number of decks or penetration, and further sorted by attributes like expectation or min/max bet. Customized searches can be named and bookmarked by their creator and resubmitted anytime.

To further target searches, Trackjack™ offers a method for limiting results to pre-configured or player-defined regions. Search for games in Atlantic City and surrounding Las Vegas, or just search for games in Gary, IN and all of Ontario. Any combination of specificity is possible.

Each casino detail page also includes news items and an archive of Player Comments where players can post their experiences and opinions. Anything from a trip report, to the friendliness of the pit, to the quality of the drinks is fair game, as long as it relates to playing blackjack at that establishment. News and comments are stored in perpetuity, affording players a veritable history of information useful to professional and recreational players alike.

Current features also include:
  • Trackjack™ Edge – Input a set of rules and get an instant estimate of player expectation.

  • myConditions – Table conditions for your favorite casinos all on one page.

  • New Item Search – See the latest conditions, comments and news with a single click.

  • Innovative Penetration System – Tracks average pen and a range of variability.

  • Community Forum – Post your comments and questions to the entire Trackjack community.

  • Works with CV – Import table conditions from Trackjack directly into the Casino Vérité blackjack training program and the CVCX betting optimizer..
Check out our screenshots to see Trackjack in action or order your subscription to Trackjack with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.